Welcome to Bling Bilinga

SRA P107

Welcome to Bling Bilinga.
Glass Artist, Jewellery Designer, Explorer.

Come on in, get comfy and have a look at what makes my soul sing, and what makes my Inner Dragon very, very happy.

Bilinga is a beautiful little beach on Australia's Gold Coast, which inspires many of my designs in glass and finished jewellery. The 'Bling' part is a bit of a furphy - I rarely do sparkles of the blingy kind, however the name Bilinga has a great ring to it - and glass is shiny, after all LOL.

I've been working glass in the flame since 2010, and making jewellery for a couple of decades, and while it's always going to be an evolving process, it's nice to share my glass journey with you.

What you'll see on this site is a collection of unique works of glass, and jewellery with a feel of 'something a bit different'.

A sense of humour is essential to my creative processes, and I hope this becomes obvious as you look around.

Australiana is a big part of my design interests, particularly gumleaves and goddesses.

Texture, both visual and tactile, is also an important part of what I try to create.

I prefer to work organically, just seeing what happens when I melt glass together, or start on a jewellery project. I love to just find what develops on its own, while I simply act as the 'enabler'.

I like to work at several different styles, since I like several different styles. I adore soft, romantic designs and colours, just as much as I love abstract, nature-inspired, or even the grotesque.

Over time, I've been exploring other ways of creating jewelllery, as well as via glass. Wirework, metalwork, wood and stones have also featured strongly in my designs. Sometimes I meld all media together, while at other times, I might concentrate on one type of work. Multimedia has always been an interest of mine.

I am nothing if not curious.

All glass is properly annealed in my kiln, and inspected for soundness and integrity.

You can also see my work as it's listed, or even as it's emerging from the kiln, via my Facebook page: